Thanksgiving Indian Corn Wreath

Fall or Thanksgiving Classroom Decoration and Kids Craft
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This adorable Indian corn wreath from Melissa at Real Life, One Day At A Time..., with it's fun design and festive colors, would make a fabulous addition to your fall or Thanksgiving classroom decor! Not only that, it's the perfect opportunity for your students to help in the creation process - and we know they'll have blast experimenting with bubble wrap painting!

Supplies You'll Need

Print making, especially with bubble wrap, provides your kiddos with a fun and unique sensory art experience. We suggest providing your students with small pieces of bubble wrap and that they use paint brushes to add a thin layer of paint before printing. This is a simple way to get some extra fine motor practice and your kiddos won't end up with globs of paint because they dipped them too far into the paint pan.

Head on over to Melissa's blog to see the recommended process for this project! It's super festive and looks like tons of fun :)