Thanksgiving Quilt Craft & Bulletin Board Idea

Thanksgiving Quilt Craft And Bulletin Board

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? Here's a last minute craft and bulletin board idea that's festive, provides a great opportunity for you and your kiddos to review the story of the first Thanksgiving, and offers a chance for students to make a personal connection with the holiday by taking time to think about what they're thankful for!

The Thanksgiving Story Quilt Square Craft

The First Thanksgiving Story Quilt Square

Similar to the story bracelet concept, the Thanksgiving quilt square is made up of individual squares of multi-colored construction paper - one color corresponding to each part of the Thanksgiving story. For example, the white square is included to remind students of the pilgrims' journey to the New World on the Mayflower, the blue square is for the formidable ocean that they journeyed across, etc. [NOTE: If you click on the project link above, you can find the poem to help retell the story at Dr. Jean & Friends!]

Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey Quilt Square Craft

"I Am Thankful" Turkey Quilt Square

Along with the history of the first Thanksgiving, invite your kiddos to create a thankful turkey. We used a cute clip art image from My Cute Graphics for the body of the turkey, then had students cut turkey feathers from construction paper to arrange around the turkey, writing on them the various things they're thankful for.

Thanksgiving Quilt Bulletin Board

To turn the individual quilt squares into a display, either cut large pieces of background paper (we recommend a "Thanksgiving" color like orange, brown, or yellow) to attach the squares to or punch holes along the side of each square and knot them together with yarn (like this friendship quilt display).