Thanksgiving Turkey Classroom Door Decoration

Thanksgiving Turkey Door Display Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: | Heidi Harrell

Heidi Harrell uploaded a picture of her adorable Thanksgiving turkey door decoration to Pinterest and we thought it was too cute not to share! It's simple, not too time consuming, and will really add a pop of color to the hallway this holiday season!

Turkey Door Display

Heidi took advantage of her brown door {and saved herself some work!}, but if you're not so lucky, start by covering the entire door with brown bulletin board paper. From scraps of bulletin board paper in assorted colors - red, orange, yellow, and brown - cut large "feather" shapes and arrange them around the door frame, creating a half-circle. With scraps of bulletin board paper or construction paper, create the turkey detailing - eyes, a beak/bill, a snood (the red flap that hangs over the beak) and/or a wattle (the red, fleshy throat) and feet.

Supplies for this bulletin board...

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We thought the simplicity of this door display made it a great choice for the hectic holiday months - lots of festive color minus the work! We'd love to hear how you fit decorating in around the holidays! If you have any tips and tricks of the trade, be sure to leave a comment below, catch up with us on Facebook, or send us an email:

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