Thankful For Our Little Turkeys! - Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

Thanksgiving Turkey Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Gearing up for Thanksgiving? Here's a cute bulletin board idea that your students will have fun helping you make!

Student Turkey Craft

Example of Thanksgiving Turkey Kids Craft

Rather than simply sticking construction paper turkeys to the bulletin board and printing student names on them, we thought it would be fun to make your kiddos into turkeys! Here's what we did;

  1. Used this free black and white turkey template from Therapy Fun Zone, Photoshop, and a few of our favorite patterned backgrounds to create a color version of the turkey. [NOTE: You can certainly save time and ink by simply printing the template onto patterned scrapbook paper or solid color construction paper!]
  2. Printed off this free turkey mask template from Guildcraft, assembled as directed, and had a photo shoot with the kiddos wearing the mask.
  3. Assembled the turkey crafts and, in place of the turkey head provided with the template, cut the students' faces from the printed photos and attached them to the turkey bodies. [NOTE: We also had to use orange paper to create legs for the turkeys since the template did not come with a pattern for them!]

The results were pretty humorous! As a final detail, we used a marker to write students' names on the bellies of the turkeys.

Thankful For Our Little Turkeys!

  • Background: Aqua bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Thankful For Our Little Turkeys!"
  • Border: Complimentary patterned trimmer or fall themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Use your kiddos' turkey crafts! If you have any empty space, use simple pumpkin cutouts - perhaps in fun patterns and colors that match the turkey feathers like we did!