Paint Chip Turkey Writing Craftivity

Thanksgiving Reading and Writing Preschool Lesson Plan and Craft
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Lindsy over at Preschool Alphabet shared this great Thanksgiving craftivity last year and, along with handwriting practice as well as a colorful decoration for the classroom, we thought this was a great way to get your preschoolers thinking about what the holiday is truly about and all of the things they're thankful for!

Lindsy and her little ones started out the lesson by reading David Milgrim's Thank You, Thanksgiving Day, a wonderful children's story that reminds us of the everyday things we should be thankful for and, ultimately, that we have a lot to be grateful for! Next, they discovered and practiced how to say 'thank you' in several different languages. {Lindsy has the words and pronunciations for seven different languages over at her blog!} Finally, her kiddos were invited to come up with a list of the blessings in their own lives - adding them to their paint chip turkey crafts!

This is just the beginning of the lesson plan! Be sure to visit Preschool Alphabet for several sensory play ideas, an alphabet game, themed coloring pages, and even a tasty Thanksgiving treat!