Fruit Loop Turkey Craft!

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids
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This Thanksgiving craft from Roopa over at Putti's World is just darling! Using edible materials for crafting offers a fun and exciting break from the norm, and we know it's something your little crafters will respond to! {One for me, one for the turkey... right?!}

Roopa and her daughter used their Cheerios and Fruit Loops to create a turkey, opting to trace and freehand the shape before adding the cereal to it. She mentions it and we were also thinking that a coloring page would work great too. The combination coloring page, phonemic awareness builder, and writing prompt created by Julianne of Mrs. Ludwig's Speech Room, pictured below, would be especially good!

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft and Writing Activity
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Additionally, you might also choose to create other Thanksgiving items...

  • A Cornucopia. Use the various colors to create pumpkins, corn, grapes, and the other fruits/veggies that go in the horn of plenty.
  • An Ear of Indian Corn. Indian corn has beautifully variegated color. Draw or print a corn coloring page. Jo over at Making Learning Fun created a Bingo marker corn worksheet that would also work great for Fruit Loop Indian corn!

We hope you have a great time with these last minute Thanksgiving crafts! Be sure to visit Putti's World to see how their turkey came together and, while you're there, check out all the fun learning activities/crafts they do!