DIY Pilgrim Place Cards

Thanksgiving Craft and Learning Game for Kids
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We found these darling pilgrim place cards/napkin rings over at KDC Events and thought they would make an adorable addition to your classroom or family Thanksgiving celebration! The best part is you can find everything you need to create these festive decorations in your craft closet - all you need is black and white card stock, tape, glue, and a white crayon! - and your little crafters will be able to help you assemble the cutesy crafts.


  • The photos add a fun, personalized addition to the pilgrim napkin rings, but you might consider taking it a step further by attaching circles of paper to the bottom of each pilgrim ring and writing one of the reasons why you're thankful for that person. We're sure it would be a wonderful surprise for your students or family members!
  • These, of course, make a fabulous Thanksgiving decoration, but you could also use them to play a fun learning game. Again, add circles of paper to the bottom of each pilgrim ring, this time printing upper and lower case letters, simple equations and their solutions, etc. on them. Then, set the pilgrims out on a table in rows and invite your kiddos to use them for a memory/matching game - i.e. have students to take turns turning over two of the pilgrims in order to find matches. The photos will be a bonus memory marker {"I flipped over Maggie's pilgrim and found an upper case "A". I remember that Tyler's pilgrim had the matching lower case "a"!"}