Festive 'Zoo Pal' Pilgrim & Native American Crafts for Thanksgiving!

Photo Source: Little Warriors

You know those Zoo Pal paper plates that Hefty makes? (They're super colorful and come in various animal shapes...)

We found these super cute pilgrim and Native American crafts over at Katie's classroom blog, Little Warriors - made using the Zoo Pal plates - and thought they looked super fun for the coming holiday!


Hefty Zoo Pal paper plates

Pilgrim and Native American templates {provided for FREE over at Little Warriors!}

Construction paper in assorted colors

Kids craft scissors

Craft glue

Wiggle eyes

Red BINGO dauber

Gold glitter

Craft feathers in assorted colors

Black marker


Photo Source: Little Warriors
Photo Source: Little Warriors

Download the FREE templates and print them onto construction paper. Katie provides a girl Native American template and a boy pilgrim template. Have students choose which they'd like to make, then cut out the pattern and glue it to the back of their plate. [NOTE: If you're feeling really ambitious, you might create your own template for a Native American boy and pilgrim girl so that students have more choices or can make both!]

Invite students to add wiggle eyes, BINGO dauper cheeks, and then add face/hand detailing with a black marker.

Finally, have them add embellishments; a colorful feather for the Native American character and a gold glitter buckle for the pilgrim character.

Katie does these crafts every Thanksgiving and they're always a hit! Head on over to Little Warriors for this and lots of other great activity ideas!