Superhero Headquarters! - Superhero Welcome Display

Back To School Superhero Bulletin Board IdeaWant to welcome your super new students back in style? You might consider a fun superhero theme! Simple to construct and created in a traditional 'superhero color palette', this welcome board looks great on its own, but would really pop if paired with custom superhero symbols created by your new students!

Custom Superhero Symbols

Back To School Superhero Craft and Bulletin Board Idea

A fun craft for meet the teacher night, we suggest simply arranging the newly created logos on the wall around the bulletin board!

Hero Headquarters

  • Background: Dark or royal blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Hero Headquarters!" - Use traditional bulletin board letters or create a custom look using Imagex's free Action Comics Font and some yellow starburst cutouts!
  • Border: Create a layered look using simple yellow and red solid trimmers.
  • Decoration: 1) The Skyline. Cut a skyline silhouette from black bulletin board paper. Nothing fancy needed, but keep in mind that it will add more visual interest if the buildings are different shapes, sizes, and heights! For the finishing touch, create windows (in different sizes and shapes) from yellow construction paper. Glue them directly to the skyline silhouette for a secure fit and attach the finished element to the bottom of the board. 2) The Superhero Signal. Cut an elongated triangle from yellow construction paper. While there are no set dimensions, be sure to think about the angle of the triangle since your goal is to mimic a cone of light being shone from the 'rooftop' of one of the buildings. Cut an oval to fit the end of the triangle (also from yellow construction paper), drawing your personal classroom superhero signal onto the paper, or use your computer to design and print an oval of the appropriate size. Room number works well and creates an all-encompassing call for the superkids in your classroom, but the symbol is up to you!