Students To Crow About - Autumn Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Brightly Colored Leaves Crows and Scarecrow Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: | Tracy King

While this board was originally designed to adorn a music classroom (and fulfills this purpose exceptionally well!), with a few simple tweaks, it can be adapted to let any student in any classroom know that they're "something to crow about"! Thank you Tracy King of Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom for this festive fall display design!

Students To Crow About Bulletin Board

  • Background: Dark blue paper.
  • Title: "Students To Crow About!", "A Classroom To Crow About!", or "_________________ (e.g. Mrs. Nelson's Class, Preschool, Math, Reading, etc.) Is Something To Crow About!"
  • Border: Since the board was originally designed for a music classroom, King used a music-themed border. For regular classroom use, consider using a fall-themed trimmer or a complimentary solid color bordette in a fall color. If you decide to display student names on crow cutouts (as described below), you might also consider using the colorful leaf cutouts as a border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Scarecrow. If you have rolls of bulletin board paper or construction paper in assorted colors and can create simple shapes, your bulletin board scarecrow will be a snap! Begin by cutting a large square from red or orange paper. This will be used as the base for the sign held by the scarecrow. Use word processing software or dark blue paint to script your chosen title onto white paper, then mount the sign onto the construction paper square, making sure to leave a border of color. Create the rest of the pieces for your scarecrow based on the dimensions/size of the sign. You'll need two "blue jean" rectangle legs, one large tan circle head, eight small tan oval "fingers", one large black oval (cut in half to create boots), and one large brown hat. Assemble these simple scarecrow pieces then use assorted colors of paper to add embellishments - small strips of yellow paper (slightly crinkled) to add "straw" detailing at the hem of each pant leg and a mop of hair on the scarecrow's head, slightly uneven squares of paper in orange, green, purple, etc. to create patches on the scarecrow's pants ("sewn" on with black yarn), and a small red or yellow flower to adorn the scarecrow's hat. Draw a face on your scarecrow and you're all set! 2) The Crows. Once again, if you can create simple shapes, you can create crows for your board. You'll need one large black circle body, one small black circle head, one small orange triangle beak, and eyes made from small black and white circles. King uses these cutouts as embellishments, but you might consider displaying student names on the crows with white or metallic paint pens. 3) The Leaves. Create a leaf template from card stock, using it to trace and cut out leaves from construction paper in fall colors (e.g. red, orange, yellow, brown, and green). Use these cutouts as King did to display student names or use them as a fun fall accent or border.

We love King's festive bulletin board decor and your students are sure to appreciate it as well! We'd love to hear how you use traditional fall elements to create fun decor - be sure to leave us a comment below!

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