Star Spangled Patriotic Classroom Bulletin Board Idea

Veteran's Day or Memorial Day Patriotic Bulletin Board Idea
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We were so impressed with this bulletin board display we found at EducationWorld®, submitted by Debbie Hudson, principal of College Hills Elementary School in College Station, Texas. It would make a great patriotic addition to your classroom, hallway, or school office any time of the year, but we thought it might be a nice touch for Veteran's or Memorial Day.

Star Spangled Bulletin Board

The process is quite simple actually, but it does take a bit of time to coordinate the photo shoot and develop the photos. First collect two large sheets, pieces of fabric, or pieces of background paper - one red and one white. Hang the sheet/paper up on a classroom wall to mark off the area for your photo shoot. Several days before the actual photo shoot is to begin, assign each of the participating students with a shirt color to wear on the day of picture (red or white) and send a note home to parents to get them in the loop. [NOTE: As an alternative, you might just bring in a white and red t-shirt that students can put on over their school clothes when taking their picture. That way you'll only need one and your students won't feel left out if they forget!]

For the photo shoot, those students who wore a red shirt will have their individual pictures taken in front of the red background and those who wore white will stand in front of the white background. With the pictures developed, you're ready to construct the American flag!

  • Use royal blue construction paper or background paper to create a large rectangle, adding this to the top left of the bulletin board. Select several of the white shirt/background photographs, using a star template to create star cutouts. Arrange these on the blue rectangle.
  • Next, starting and ending with red, place photos of the same color next to each other to create the stripes on the flag!

This bulletin board takes quite a few pictures so you might consider a scaled down version if doing this with your classroom - or you might get other classes involved {those on your floor or even the whole school!} and do a hallway bulletin board!

We love how this bulletin board turned out! Do you decorate for Veteran's day? We'd love to hear about/see your ideas! Be sure to leave us a comment below, catch up with us on Facebook, or shoot us an email: bbideas {at} mpmwebworks {dot} com.