Memorial Day Star Quilt Display

We found this awesome craft over at Artolazzi and thought it would make a lovely display for Memorial Day (or any patriotic holiday, for that matter)! Not only is it simple to create, we're certain your kiddos will have a blast with it!


red and white construction paper

white card stock

decorative scissors {optional}

craft glue

red, white, and blue craft paint

art sponges

circle stamp


Creating the Flag

Use decorative scissors to cut four strips of red construction paper.

Glue the strips onto a sheet of white construction paper.

Cut a large star shape from white card stock or another heavyweight art paper. [You can freehand the star, but we used a template we found over at Spoonful, which unfortunately, no longer exists.] Armed with shallow dishes of white and blue craft paint, use art sponges to cover the star cutout with paint.

When dry, glue the star to the center of the paper.

Adding the Finishing Touches

Once the flag is assembled, add the finishing touches. Paint...


...whatever you can think of!

When dried, the individual pieces can be arranged together to create a festive display for the holiday!

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