Red, White & Blue - Patriotic Bulletin Board

Patriotic Kindergarten and Elementary Bulletin Board Idea
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The end of the year is in sight and, while you're probably trying to take down your classroom decorations, here' a simple, yet sweet idea from Jaime over at What's The Buzz in First for sprucing your classroom up for Memorial Day. All you'll need is a clear board and a print of the poem - your kiddos will do the rest!

Red, White, & Blue Patriotic Bulletin Board

  • Background: Blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: Jaime attached a cute poem as the board title. Be sure to visit What's The Buzz in First for the rhyme! We suggest using word processing software to create a card stock print of the poem - adding colored construction paper as a border, etc. - or using letter stickers and a piece of poster board.
  • Border: Patriotic trimmer.
  • Decoration: Invite your kiddos to use red, white, and blue craft paint to create hand print flags. Invite them to add small star stickers and a nameplate to their creations, then arrange the 'flags' around the board. To tie everything together {and fill any empty space}, Jaime added cutouts of important American symbols - the liberty bell, the Statue of Liberty, flags, etc.