Recycled American Flag - Patriotic Bulletin Board Display

Elementary, Middle School, and High School Patriotic American Flag Bulletin Board Idea
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Perfect for all patriotic holidays {including Independence Day coming up in several weeks}, this American flag created from recycled material offers a fun and memorable way to commemorate the occasion. While we're still working on the identity of the original artist, we were introduced to the artwork by Jason Thompson of The Rag & Bone Blog and think, recreated, the patriotic piece would look splendid in any early childhood learning environment! [Not only that, it gives your students an opportunity to learn to work together, as well as involves them in a hands-on recycling activity!]

Recycled American Flag Display

Invite your kiddos to get in on the fun by bringing in recycled items from home - metal cans, plastic containers and lids, bottle tops, bottles, plastic flatware, newspapers/magazines, packing peanuts/Styrofoam, anything they can find! Divide the 'loot' into three piles, spray painting each a different color - red, white, or blue. Using glue, tacks, and other adhesives, arrange the dry recycled materials onto the background to create an American flag!

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