Spring Into Health!

Spring Heath Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: pecentral.org | Pamela Johnson

This fantastic spring bulletin board submitted to PE Central {a great resource for health and physical education teachers!} by Pamela Johnson is sure to be a great addition to any early childhood learning environment. We know the bright colors and slinkies will catch your kiddos' attention! 

Spring Into Health Bulletin Board

  • Background: Sky blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Spring Into Health!" - or another title that suits your theme/needs! Create the letters from construction paper in various colors, adding slinkies as visual interest.
  • Border: Blue and green wavy borders.
  • Decoration: Cut a long strip of green bulletin board paper, fringing the top to make it look like grass and mount this to the bottom of the bulletin board. Add colorful construction paper flowers and other springtime elements to create a festive landscape!