Spring Has Sprung Seasonal Bulletin Board Decoration

Flower Spring Bulletin Board IdeaWhen it comes to spring/summer classroom decor, vibrant color is the name of the game. {Well, actually, that might just be a given when decorating for any time of year!} This gorgeous flower bulletin board from McKinley Early Childhood Center evokes thoughts of warm sunshine, rich soil, and bustling wildlife, making it a great addition to your springtime classroom decorations!

"Spring Has Sprung" Bulletin Board

  • Background: Blue background paper.
  • Title: "Spring Has Sprung!"
  • Border: Complimentary solid color trimmer or spring themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Flowers. Find several black and white clip art prints online to enlarge and print onto card stock to create templates. Use these to trace and cut flowers of various sizes and designs onto construction paper in assorted colors. Arrange the blossoms on the board, adding green construction paper stems and leaves where appropriate. 2) The Insects. In the spirit of spring, the board features various colorful insects. You can create these in the same way as the flowers, finding black and white clip art images to print onto colored paper, or consider the following options {to add a bit of "pizazz" to your board}...

[NOTE: You might consider turning this into an interactive science display where students can arrange labels next to the appropriate plant/insect parts to create scientific drawings/diagrams!]

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