Soup-er Great Students! - Back To School Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary Back To School Bulletin Board Idea
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Denise, second grade teacher and creator of the blog, Sunny Days in Second Grade, designed this "soup-er" bulletin board that's just perfect for back-to-school...or any other time of year, for that matter! Taking from the ever-popular alphabet soup {although, as Denise found out, this particular delicacy is not as 'mainstream' as it used to be so beware your students may not actually get the reference!}, she created bowls of swirling letter 'soup' to let her students know what a "soup-er" addition they were to the classroom!

Later, she also had her students create their own alphabet soup bowls, spelling out several words they'd learned that year that were hard to spell and entitling the display "We Are Soup-er Spellers!" This design is so versatile, you can certainly let your imagination run wild and use it for lots of great things...

  • As a classroom helper bulletin board - "Mrs. Nelson's Soup-er Helpers!"
  • As a concept/topic review board - "Soup-er Parts of Speech!", "Our Wall of Soup-er Words!", etc.
  • As a way to advertise classroom events/units - "We Are Soup-er Busy!

Alphabet Soup Bulletin Board

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Mrs. Nelson's Soup-er _________________ [Students, Second Graders, etc]!
  • Border: Red gingham trimmer, solid complimentary color border, or food themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Paint paper plates with orange-red paint to resemble the broth of alphabet soup. Using dry alphabet pasta, spell out each student's name in the middle of a plate, adding a few random "swirling" letters around the outside edges and gluing a plastic spoon to each plate when dry. Arrange these "bowls of alphabet soup" around the bulletin board. [NOTE: Visit this post for a close-up of the "soup"!]

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