Soaring To New Heights - Balloon Themed Elementary Classroom Decorations

Hartville Elementary SchoolSeveral weeks ago, I had the extreme privilege of visiting my childhood elementary school to check out the newest and best in classroom decorations! Despite their busy schedules - meetings and last minute preparations before school started the next day - the gracious teachers at Hartville Elementary welcomed me into their colorful and engaging world; a world in which they will spend countless hours the next 180 days, imp!acting the lives of the children in our community. I thank you all for dedicating your lives to helping our children grow, both as students and individuals. Here's to a brilliant school year, ladies and gents! {And thanks a million for allowing me the opportunity to visit your classrooms! I had a blast!}

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There is definitely such a thing as 'over-stimulation' when it comes to decorating an early childhood learning environment. While it's true you want to use vibrant colors and age appropriate accents to create an attractive space, too much decoration can actually detract from your purpose - to design a comfortable and relaxing environment where students can focus on learning. Third grade teacher, Jennifer Carey, definitely understands this balance. While blessed with a spacious classroom, her walls and classroom remain uncluttered, offering an openness and sense of freedom rather than confinement {something we're sure her students appreciate!}. Her theme featuring various kites, hot air balloons, etc. also lends itself to an airy feel. We know Jennifer's third graders will "soar to new heights" this school year!

Soaring to New Heights Back-to-School Bulletin Board
Photo Source: Jennifer Carey

Polka Dot Door Display

Polka dots? Gum balls? We're not entirely sure, but the vibrant color combination, quirky placement, and simple design make for an adorable welcome on the first day of school!

Classroom Tour

Elementary Classroom Decoration
View of the front of the classroom from the door
Elementary Classroom Decoration
View of the back of the classroom

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