"Shell" We Have A Great Year! - Seashell Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary Ocean Back to School Classroom Management Bulletin Board Idea
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If you've got an ocean theme in mind for next year, check out this adorable classroom guidelines bulletin board idea from Chandra, featured contributor at Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom. For those of you who prefer to have your students help you craft a 'code of conduct' for the classroom environment, simply post basic shell cutouts and add the text once you've settled on the perfect guidelines for the year!

"Shell" We Have A Great Year!

  • Background: Any color background paper- aqua for the ocean or a color that accents your ocean themed border.
  • Title: "Shell We Have A Great Year!"
  • Border: Under the sea bulletin board trimmer.
  • Decoration: Find several sea shell templates online, selecting various designs to enlarge and print or trace onto card stock. Use word processing software to add text to the shells or a marker to script it directly onto the cutouts. When all the guidelines have been printed onto a shell, be sure to laminate the pieces so that they'll hold up to the wear and tear of the school year.

Supplies for this bulletin board...

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We loved the "Under the Sea" border so much, we had to show you the color scheme we had in mind... With all this color, you wouldn't need to create the seashells until after you've finalized the behavioral code of conduct with your students!

Ocean Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

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