Set Your Course With Jesus - VBS & Sunday School Bulletin Board Idea

{Since we helped out with vacation bible school this week at church, we thought we'd share some VBS/Sunday school board ideas! ...Which can, of course, be tailored to fit other classrooms and learning centers as well!}

Sunday School or Vacation Bible School Bulletin Board Idea
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We just loved this ocean/nautical themed bulletin board from AccuCut® Craft! Displaying the bible verses for the week or unit, the design reminds kiddos that the Bible helps us get to know God better and "set our course" to live for Him!

"Set Your Course" details we love...

  • Exchanging the "o" in "Your" with a compass. It lends to the overall theme and reminds us that, if we let Him, Jesus will be our guide as we learn to obey God and tell others about His love for us. He is our "true North"!
  • Life preserver number cutouts for Bible verses. Just as a life preserver keeps us afloat amidst the choppy waves, God's truths (found in the Bible) are our "lifeline" as we learn to follow Him and figure out what He has in store for us!
  • Nautical color scheme. The vibrant yellows, blues, and reds create a brilliant decoration for any classroom!
  • Design versatility. With a few minor changes, this would make a fantastic "classroom guidelines" bulletin board for the upcoming school year. Simply change the title to, "Set Your Course For A Great School Year!" or something to that effect, and trade the Bible verses for your classroom code of conduct/behavior guidelines.