School House Welcoming Door Display

Door Display for Back to School
Contest Submission

Welcome your students to class by turning your classroom door into a cute and welcoming school house! Perfect for back-to-school, or any time your door decoration needs a little sprucing up. The idea was submitted for a bulletin board contest and looks to be super simple to put together. You'll have an inviting display ready to go in no time!

  • Background: Red bulletin board paper cut into three pieces to form a school house around your door frame.
  • Border: Black bulletin board paper cut into strips to line the red house (if you're short on time you could always use a straight black bulletin board trimmer).
  • Title: No title is necessary. But if you prefer, you could always add something along the lines of "Welcome to Mrs. _________'s Class".
  • Decoration: 1) Windows - Use two pieces of white contruction paper and line them with black construction paper to create the frames and panes. Add blue construction paper cut wavy to look like curtains. {optional} Draw a desk and shool items in one or both windows as if you're truly looking into a classroom window (the example uses a desk with a globe and an apple). 2) Flowers - Create different size and shape flower petals out of assorted color construction paper. Add the stems using green construction paper. You'll need larger flowers for the bottom of the dislay and smaller flowers for the flower boxes (approximately 20 larger and 8-10 smaller). 3) Bell - Cut a shiny bell from gold or silver foil or metallic paper.

It's really that simple. With a little bulletin board paper, construction paper and time you can put together a super cute display for your doorway!

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