"Ride The Wave To Third Grade!" B2S Bulletin Board Idea

By kayla

Carry some 'summer fun' into the new school year with a beach theme! Colorful and super versatile, most people associate positive things with sand, surf, and sun, and you'll certainly play on those positive vibes with this awesome design submitted to one of our bulletin board contests!

Ride The Wave To Third Grade!

  • Background: Cover the top half of the bulletin board with light blue bulletin board paper, then use tan and royal blue paper to cover the bottom half - creating a beach/oceanscape.
  • Title: "Ride The Wave To __________ [Third Grade, Mrs. Nelson's Class, Success, etc.]!"
  • Border: Beach themed trimmer or complimentary patterned/colored bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Whether you want to make your own elements from bulletin board paper/construction paper, purchase pre-made accents, use real objects, or perhaps create a display using a combination of the three - the great news is there are lots of decorating options! Palm trees, beach balls, sea creatures, seashells, surf boards, etc.; pick your favorite parts of beach life and let your imagination run wild! We love this theme because the design, while similar, won't be an exact replica of the original bulletin board! You will, of course, need surf boards in order to pull the title/theme together! You actually might consider adding the other main elements - sun, palm trees, animal accents, etc. - and having your students design a surf board to add to the display either at open house or on the first day of school. There are tons of templates online that would make the craft a bit easier!

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