Revealing An "All-Star" Roster! Baseball Bulletin Board Idea

Back to School Kindergarten Sports Themed Bulletin Board Idea
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Whether they express it or not, every student needs to know that they're a special part of the classroom. James Cayer, fourth grade teacher from Nevada and avid Cardinals football fan, designed this sports-themed back-to-school bulletin board to remind his students that they are ALL stars - and, of course, to introduce his "All-Star" roster!

All-Star Bulletin Board

  • Background: Sheets of red, white, and blue construction paper. To replicate Mr. Cayer's design you'll need to start at the top left corner and take the color patterning row by row: 1) Top row = red, white, blue,  2) Row Two = white, blue, red, and 3) Row Three = blue, red, white. Then start the process over until you've covered the entire bulletin board with construction paper.
  • Title: "______________ (Mr. Cayer's, Our Preschool, etc.) All Stars!"
  • Border: Mr. Cayer chose not to use a border, but a solid blue or red bulletin board trimmer could also work here.
  • Decoration: 1) The Jerseys. Create a jersey template from card stock. Determine how many of each color you'll need to complete the board remembering that blue jerseys will be placed on the red sheets of construction paper, red jerseys on white, and white jerseys on blue. Trace and cut out a jersey for each student in your class. 2) The Jersey Details. Create a star template from card stock. Determine how many of each color you'll need based on the fact that each jersey should have two stars and the colors should be as follows: red on blue, white on red, and blue on white. Also, using word processing software with a "WordArt" feature, create jersey numbers and names. Print these onto colored card stock, cut them out and glue them to their proper jerseys. You'll need to plan ahead of time what color jersey each student will have so that you can follow the following color pattern when printing their names/numbers: white lettering on blue jerseys, blue lettering on red jerseys, and red lettering on white jerseys.

The directions may seem a bit complicated, but if you ever lose track of the correct color patterns, refer to the picture of Mr. Cayer's board. Additionally, it will be of great benefit if you sketch out your own board, student names and numbers included, so that you have a "pattern" to work off of.

We'd love to hear what you think about this board, so leave us a comment!

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