Recycled Paper Roll Thanksgiving Characters!

Recycled Paper Roll Thanksgiving Craft for Kids
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These paper roll characters from Preschool Crafts for Kids* not only provide a great craft for you and your kiddos to do together this holiday season, they also offer a fantastic prop for retelling the story of the first Thanksgiving!

Paired with a fun Mayflower craft,

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids and Storytelling Lesson Plan
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some Indian corn,

Thanksgiving Kids Craft and Storytelling Lesson Plan
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and perhaps a turkey or two,

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids and Storytelling Lesson Plan
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and you're set! Your kiddos will be fascinated as you retell the events that led to the fateful journey on the Mayflower, what it was like for the pilgrims in the new land, how the Natives helped the pilgrims learn to adapt to their new home, and how the first Thanksgiving came about!

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