"Priceless" - Back-To-School Bulletin Board Idea

Priceless-Bulletin-BoardWhile this board was originally designed to go along with a Aurora Public School's school-wide fundraiser, we love the play on MasterCard's "Priceless" campaign and think it could make a great back-to-school bulletin board idea!

New backpack                    ... $29.99 To Kill A Mockingbird         ... $7.99 TI 30XIIS                               ... $15.99

Conquering the 8th grade ... Priceless

Perfect for elementary through high school, we love starting the school year with a positive message!

"Priceless" Back-To-School Bulletin Board

  • Background: Background paper in the color of your choice.
  • Title: Tailor the title to fit your needs!
  • Border: Colorful patterned border.
  • Decoration: Find clip art images of the items listed in your customized "Priceless" ad. Print, laminate, and arrange on the board with the wording. To spice up the design, you might consider adding other school themed clip art, cutouts that match the theme of your classroom, etc.