Our Knowledge is Piling Up! - Winter Bulletin Board Idea

Kindergarten and Elementary Winter Interactive Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: daniellesplace.com

We found this cute winter themed bulletin board at Danielle's Place {a fabulous resource for early childhood crafts!} and thought it might offer a fun way to help your students keep track of everything they've learned during the winter months! You might even consider making it a rotating part of your classroom duties - assigning one student per subject to summarize and record the week's lessons on a snowflake to place on the board.

Our Knowledge is Piling Up

  • Background: Cover the top two-thirds of the bulletin board with sky blue bulletin board paper and the bottom third with white background paper to create a 'snowscape'. [NOTE: Use scissors to trim the top edge of the white bulletin board paper to create hills, etc. You might also consider adding white cotton batting to create a fun textured 'snow'.]
  • Title: "Our Knowledge is Piling Up!"
  • Border: Complimentary solid color trimmer or winter themed border.
  • Decoration: Directions for the 3D snowman and free printables for the fact snowflakes can be found at Danielle's Place, so be sure to head over and check it out!

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