"Our Favorite Flavors!" Bulletin Board Idea

Perfect for summer, National Ice Cream Month (July), or even back to school, this cutesy ice cream themed bulletin submitted by Tara Werbowy is fun, colorful, and sure to make a great addition to your classroom decor!

Our Favorite Flavors!

  • Background: Blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Our Favorite Flavors!"
  • Border: Solid sparkle trimmer or ice cream themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Flamingos. Aren't the flamingos fun?! Not only do they add some great color to the design and inspire viewers to think of warm, summer days, they also add a bit of whimsy to the design! These elements were obviously made by hand and you can also create your own using clip art found online, your classroom projector system, and a combination of background and construction paper - i.e. enlarge and trace the bodies onto magenta bulletin board paper, the legs onto light pink bulletin board paper, and the rest of the details (face, beak, etc.) onto appropriately colored construction paper. 2) The Ice Cream Cones. Maureen Spell of Spell Outloud has a great FREE ice cream template that you can trace (or print) onto construction paper. As an addition to the board, we thought it might be cute to create small ice cream cones or sundaes, pen student names onto them, and arrange them around the board.