"Ninjas for Jesus!" Bulletin Board Idea

Edupress has created a whole line of ninja themed classroom decor that's super cute and colorful! We love how one of our talented followers, Jennifer Brownell, used the decorations along with some awesome handcrafted elements to put this fun "Ninjas for Jesus!" welcome display together!

NOTE: You could also tweak the title to fit your classroom needs - i.e. "Learning Ninjas!", etc.

Ninjas for Jesus!

  • Background: Green bulletin board paper. If creating a door display with surrounding elements, use the same green paper to create tall grass on either side of the door.
  • Title: "Ninjas for Jesus!", "Learning Ninjas!", etc.
  • Border: Solid red trimmer or ninja themed border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Bamboo Shoots. How fun are these!? To make your own, twist a strip of natural butcher paper into a long skinny tube, wrapping thin black electrical tape (or another appropriately colored tape) around the tube every foot or so to hold it together and add detailing. 2) The Ninja Elements. To complete the display, Jennifer used Edupress' ninja welcome banner and accents!