Nacho' Ordinary Books! - Fiesta Book Fair Bulletin Board

Fiesta Book Fair Bulletin Board

How fun is that title?! Erica Nunez and the crew at Miami Lakes K-8 Center used this display as part of their spring book fair decor, but we think it would make a great addition to any classroom reading center or library!

'Nacho' Ordinary Books!

  • Background: Magenta bulletin board paper (or a pink plastic tablecloth!).
  • Title: "'Nacho' Ordinary Books!"
  • Border: Fiesta themed trimmer or complimentary colored/patterned border.
  • Decoration: Fill the board with fiesta themed cutouts/elements! It might be fun to visit your local party store for Cinco de Mayo decorations - perhaps some colorful fans, paper garlands, flags, etc. - as well as create your own cutouts from clip art. Laura Strickland of My Cute Graphics has an adorable selection of graphics, both black & white and color, so that you can either print the black & white images onto colored paper and assemble, or print already colored images onto white card stock and cut out. Also, the garland at the bottom of the board can be made quite simply by hanging a yellow plastic tablecloth, gathering it every so often, and cinching the gathers with colorful flowers.