Mirror, Mirror On The Wall... - Teacher Appreciation Bulletin Board

Teacher Appreciation and Fairy Tale Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: mudpiestudio.blogspot.com

For all you parent volunteers out there who are looking for an adorable way to say thanks for all your child's teacher has done this year, check out this fun teacher appreciation design sent in by Lori of Mud Pie Studio! Mixing fairy tales and a cutesy cameo print, what we love most is that Lori got all of the students involved with the project!

Mirror, Mirror...

While Lori painted all of the detailing onto the pink background paper, as a secret project, she invited each student to submit their favorite thing about their teacher, Ms. Lewis. After scripting the child's sentiment around the edge of a mirror accent, Lori finished off the design by adding their photo to the shape.

Fairy Tale and Teacher Appreciation Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: mudpiestudio.blogspot.com

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

  • Background: Light pink background paper.
  • Title: "Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, We Appreciate ___________ [teacher's name] Most of All!"
  • Border: None needed. However, if you wish to add one, we suggest a subtle black and white patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: Lori used black craft paint to create all of the board's elements - the adorable cameo as well as all of the student mirrors. Either freehand the shapes, using paint to trace over the pencil, or find images online that can be enlarged and traced using the classroom projector system.