Measurement and Growth Chart Welcome Bulletin Board Idea

Grow Chart Welcome Bulletin Board

Here is a fun way to start off the school year with this Giraffe Growth Chart! Your kids will love getting measured at the beginning of the school year and tracking their growth all throughout the year! Everyone will be amazed to see how much they have grown as they also learn about measurements and the role they play in everyday life. The kit comes with fun cut-outs of animals for your kids to see how they measure up to their favorite safari animals, and they might also enjoy comparing their size to items throughout the classroom. You can use this fun measuring chart as a welcome door or bulletin board.

Things You'll Need to Get Your Measurement Bulletin Board Growing!

  • Background: Use a color of bulletin board paper on the background that will make your items stand out. Green, brown or yellow would look great!
  • Border: You can use the Monkey Mischief Terrific Trimmers or any color that will compliment the background paper.
  • Headline: Using any color of our 4" Playful Ready Letters you can create a fun, bold headline.
  • Accents: Start with the main focus of your piece by adding the Giraffe Growth Chart Bulletin Board Set. Next, add the Palm Tree Bulletin Board Set. By adding little details to the board with the Monkey Mischief Accents and Monkey and Banana Mini Accents your display will really come to life! If you decide to make this a welcome bulletin board you can add the Monkey Mischief Welcome Bulletin Board Set.