Marvelous Multiplication Spring Bulletin Board Idea

Spring Multiplication Bulletin Board
Photo Source: Step Into Second Grade

If you're looking for a way to showcase your student's understanding of multiplication for an upcoming event (say open house or maybe even parent teacher conferences), then check out this Springy bulletin board created by Amy over at Step Into Second Grade. A beautiful display for your classroom board and a great way to get your kiddos involved!

Mushroom Multiplication - Student Activity

Provide each of your students (or you could have students work in pairs to ensure the mushrooms will fit on the board) with a multiplication sentence to model. Then, have them create a mushroom - the top from assorted color construction paper and the stem from brown construction paper. You could easily find a template online for tracing if you want the mushrooms to look somewhat uniform for your display.

With the mushrooms assembled, have the students represent the multiplication sentence with white circles and dots drawn on each. Example: 3 x 7 would include three white circles with 7 dots drawn on each circle. To finish it off, have the students create a small foldable to represent the multiplcation sentence in writing with the answer hidden below the flap!

Spring Multiplication Bulletin Board Student Acitivity
Photo Source: Step Into Second Grade

Marvelous Multiplication

  • Background: Light blue bulletin board paper for the sky and green for the grass.
  • Title: Marvelous Multiplication
  • Border: A deep pink solid border or a color that would complement the colors used on the student mushroom activities.
  • Decoration: 1. Line your student's activities along the bottom of the board on the grass. 2. Create a sun and rays out of yellow bulletin board paper and several clouds (5-6 should do) out of dark blue bulletin board paper. 3. You could also feature additional student multiplication projects in the upper right corner of the board like Amy did. She featured her students projects based on multiplication poems she found in a Scholastic resource book (example shown below):
Student Acitivities on Multiplication
Photo Source: Step Into Second Grade

For additional creative ideas by Amy, be sure to check out her blog Step Into Second Grade!