Introducing the New Fall "Flavors" - Ice Cream Back To School Bulletin Board

Elementary Back To School Bulletin Board IdeaIntroduce your new "flavors" this coming school year with a cute ice cream shack bulletin board! Students are sure to love the dynamic colors and the creative flavors you make from their names! [NOTE: This design goes with Tuesday's ice cream sundae door display like peanut butter goes with jelly or sprinkles go with ice cream!]

New Fall "Flavors" Back To School Bulletin Board

  • Background: Cover the entire bulletin board with background paper in a light "ice cream" color - pink, blue, or yellow. With a colored background, the design elements are sure to stick out!
  • Title: "_____________ [Mrs. Nelson's, etc] Ice Cream Shack...The New Fall FLAVORS!"
  • Border: None needed.
  • Decoration: 1) The Shack. Create an awning to attach to the top of the bulletin board by cutting a long, narrow trapezoid from white bulletin board paper and adding a scalloped edge to the bottom. Decorate as desired with markers or craft paint. We added colored stripes in magenta, orange, and light green. Cut a long strip of white bulletin board paper to attach along the bottom of the bulletin board. Once again, decorate as desired. 2) The Ice Cream Shack Sign. Cut a long, narrow rectangle from your choice of colored background paper. We decided to use white, adding a fun border to make it stand out, then added the first part of the title in a fun, loopy font. Attach this above the bulletin board. 3) The Windows. Cut two large squares from white bulletin board paper, using markers to add detailing. Use word processing software to create a sign or script "Order Here" and "Pick-Up Here" to the top of the windows. Mount these to the board - the "order" window on the left, the "pick-up" window on the right. 4) The Flavor Menu. Cut a large rectangle from white bulletin board paper {or another color of your choice}, using markers or craft paint to create a border. Use word processing software to create a sign or script the second part of the title "The New Fall FLAVORS" at the top. Using your student roster, create fun ice cream flavors from your kiddos names {i.e. Eddie's English Toffee Crunch}. Cut strips of colored paper, scripting each new "flavor" onto a strip and arranging them on the "menu". Hang the flavor menu between the "order" and "pick-up" windows.Ice Cream Back To School Bulletin Board Idea

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