"I 'Mustache' You A Question..." Interactive Bulletin Board Idea

contest submission

How fun is this bulletin board idea!? If you're into the mustache theme or are simply looking for a clever way to incorporate an interactive bulletin board into your classroom, this design (submitted in last year's back-to-school bulletin board contest) is sure to be a winner!

  • What is your favorite...? [book, subject, pizza topping, etc.]
  • What were you surprised to learn about...? [the rainforest, plants, geometry, etc.]
  • Which do you like better?...[fiction or nonfiction, sledding or swimming, etc.]

These are just a few of the ways you could use the board throughout the year! And, whether they're answering a poll question or demonstrating their learning in a particular area of study, your kiddos are sure to love writing their answer on the white board and posing for a picture!

I 'Mustache' You A Question...

  • Background: Pink bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "I 'Mustache' You A Question..." - We love how an actual mustache cutout was used in place of the word, 'mustache'!
  • Border: Mustache themed border or complimentary patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: Truly this board is super simple to put together! You'll just need the mustache shape (mentioned above) made from black bulletin board paper or construction paper to complete the title, a laminated pieced of construction paper to display the questions on, and props for the photo booth - i.e. a small mustache cutout on a dowel rod and a dry erase board/marker. To use this interactive design, simply print a question onto a piece of card stock, attach the piece of paper to the display for students to see/think about, then take photos of your kiddos with their answers. The printed pictures will then be arranged in the blank space! Easy peasy!