How Can You BEE of Good Character? - Spring Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary and Middle School Spring Inspirational Bulletin Board Idea
Photo ©2012 Enokson, Flickr

We are super impressed by the amount of time and energy junior high school library technician, Enokson (as she's known on Flickr!), puts into her displays! They're always so vibrant, relevant, and well thought out. This bee themed display is no different! With cutesy clip art and a spring-y theme, she reminds her students how they can cultivate good character...

  • I can BEE cooperative by showing I am willing to do what is asked or required of me.
  • I can BEE respectful by honoring others.
  • I can BEE empathetic by showing others I understand and relate to their feelings.

The above examples are just a tip of the iceberg! Patient. Dependable. Sincere. Loyal. Kind. Just. Joyful. Inclusive. Humble. Honest. Grateful. A good sport. Gentle. Generous. Friendly. Forgiving. Flexible. Enthusiastic. Diligent. Determined. Deferential. Creative. Courageous. Confident. Caring. Attentive. Wise. Tolerant. Sensitive. Responsible. Optimistic. Moral. Thirty-five in total, these character traits are not only important in a school environment, but also for success in life.

The best part...Enokson provides all of her signs (even the display banner) for FREE on Flickr!! Simply add some yellow bulletin board paper to your display and create borders for the character trait signs with black construction paper - and you've got yourself a sunny, motivational bulletin board for spring!