Homemade Candle Holders

votive candle holders made of recycled cans
Photo Source: The Wonder Years

While your students are sure to remember the wonderful Thanksgiving meal and playing with their cousins, many may overlook the preparation and hard work that their mothers, grandmothers, etc. put into making the holiday plans, meal, and decorations for their families to enjoy! This holiday season, remind your students to "thank the hostess" with this fun candle holder craft from Amy at The Wonder Years.

Supplies You'll Need

Important Considerations

  • Prepare the recycled cans as directed in Amy's full post.
  • Invite several adults to help during this craft. While students will likely be able to make holes independently, for safety purposes, it's best to have more pairs of eyes on hand!
  • Have students draw their desired designs on the can before making holes.
  • Consider sponge painting the can with metallic paint for an "antique" look.

Provide students with one orange votive candle and several pieces of harvest paper or stationary. On Thanksgiving day, have students (without the knowledge of the hostess) pass out the stationary to family and friends, inviting them to write a note of thanks for the hostess. Encourage them to have the cards collected, folded, and placed inside the hammered candle holder before sitting down for the meal, presenting the gift as the whole family sits down.

This is wonderful exercise to teach your students to appreciate the people in their lives who do so much for them!

The Wonder Years: A Recycled Can Craft: Hammered Candle Holders