Hang On To Your Mittens! - Winter Bulletin Board Idea

Mitten Themed Winter Bulletin Board Idea

Here's another cute mitten themed bulletin board that would make an excellent addition to your winter decor (or compliment your unit study of Jan Brett's popular children's tale, "The Mitten")! Simple, colorful, and providing an opportunity for displaying student created elements, we're certain this design will be a hit!

Student Created Elements

Here are a few things you might consider...

  • If pairing this design with your "Mitten Unit", have students pretend that, despite the warning to 'hang on to their mittens', they misplace one of their mittens; inviting them to weave their own tale! When finished, have students write their story in mitten shaped booklets and display them on the board. [Variations: 1) Divide students into groups, assign a location where for their dropped mitten (i.e. the cafeteria, the playground, etc.) and have them work together to write a story. 2) Work together as a class to write your own mitten tale, then have each student copy and illustrate the story.]
  • Incorporate a mitten craft into your lesson plans - i.e. mitten symmetry, a mitten glyph, etc.

Or, of course, you could simply cut mitten shapes from assorted colors of construction paper, print student names on them, and call it a day!

Hang On To Your Mittens, It's Cold Out There!

  • Background: Light blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Hang On To Your Mittens, It's Cold Out There!"
  • Border: Winter themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: The mock-up above features Trend's playful snow pals bulletin board set. To create your own snowman, simply cut the basic shape from white bulletin board paper and use construction paper/background paper scraps to decorate it. [NOTE: If you don't feel comfortable drawing the various parts, you might consider finding black and white clip art that can be printed onto the colored paper and cut out for use or even enlarged and traced to complete the design.] Fill in the empty space with your students' mitten projects!

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