Frog-tastic Elementary Classroom

Hartville Elementary SchoolSeveral weeks ago, I had the extreme privilege of visiting my childhood elementary school to check out the newest and best in classroom decorations! Despite their busy schedules - meetings and last minute preparations before school started the next day - the gracious teachers at Hartville Elementary welcomed me into their colorful and engaging world; a world in which they will spend countless hours the next 180 days, impacting the lives of the children in our community. I thank you all for dedicating your lives to helping our children grow, both as students and individuals. Here's to a brilliant school year, ladies and gents! {And thanks a million for allowing me the opportunity to visit your classrooms! I had a blast!}

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Mrs. Hudson's classroom is just as warm and inviting as she is! We love the use of color and the small touches here and there that truly create an environment that fosters an enthusiasm for learning.

Elementary Classroom Management Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Averi Hudson

Classroom Management

We thought it was cute how Averi used the adorable Carson-Dellosa froggies cutouts to label her "Centers" display, nicely tying in the floor's theme, and the "Pack of Great Helpers!" is a fun way to assign kiddos classroom jobs/responsibilities!

Elementary Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Averi Hudson

Good Manners

It's always a good idea to refresh students on acceptable behavior and remind them to use good manners both in and outside the classroom. Displayed in a prominent place, Mrs. Hudson's kiddos always know what is expected of them as they learn to get along and learn together!

Classroom Tour

Elementary Science Bulletin Board Idea
Science themed learning aid/bulletin board
Elementary Social Studies Bulletin Board Idea
Social studies themed learning aid/bulletin board
Elementary Classroom
View from Mrs. Hudson's desk
Elementary Classroom
View from the door
Elementary Classroom
View of Mrs. Hudson's desk
Elementary Literacy and Reading Nook
View of the adorable reading nook

[Side Note: It was so much fun taking pictures of Mrs. Hudson's classroom! Not only was she super accommodating and sweet - despite the fact that she was scrambling to make room for an additional student the day before school started - it was actually my old second grade classroom! Oh the memories!!]