Fall Is Too Cool! - Fall Bulletin Board Idea

Halloween and Fall Bulletin Board

While this design would probably work better for the beginning of fall and/or Halloween, we figured we would pass it along anyway! We love how the colors work together and we love that the the majority of the decorative elements are made by your kiddos!

Student Crafts

Hand Print Bats

For the less messy version, invite your students to trace their hand prints onto black construction paper. For a messier (but fun!) sensory version, have your students make hand prints with paint, let them dry, then cut around the prints before assembling. For the head/face, we suggest simply creating construction paper pieces to glue together.

Candy Corn Collage

Providing your students with a simple candy corn shaped cutout (including divisions), invite students to collage each section on the cutout with torn/cut pieces of construction paper or art tissue paper in the appropriate colors.

Sponge Painted Jack-O-Lanterns

Armed with paper pumpkin cutouts, shallow dishes of orange craft paint, and sponge pieces, have students color in their cutout. [We love that the sponge adds a bit of texture.] Once dry, use black construction paper to fashion jack-o-lantern faces.

Fall Is Too Cool!

  • Background: Purple bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Fall Is Too Cool!"
  • Border: Complimenatary colored/patterned bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Use your students' crafts to fill the board! Like the original board, if you need to fill any empty space, try a fun seasonal element like a scarecrow. [We thought it was cute that the designer of the bulletin board added sunglasses to the scarecrow to make him 'cool' - parroting the message of the title.] Either freehand the needed elements or find a clip art image online to enlarge and trace using your classroom projector system.

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