"FALL-ing In Love..." Fall Leaves Bulletin Board Idea

Fall Tree with Leaves Preschool or Kindergarten Bulletin Board

It's that time of year when green gives way to brilliant reds, golds, oranges, and browns! Bring some of those festive autumn tones into your classroom with this cute, leaf themed bulletin board idea that will have you "FALL-ing" in love with the season!

Fall Leaf Crafts

While the creator of this bulletin board decided to use a leaf template and colored construction paper to make the leaves, you may want to get your students involved in the process as well! Here are a few fun leaf crafts:

  • Have your students trace and cut out their hand prints from brightly colored card stock or construction paper and use these as the leaves.
  • From a fall leaf template, create card stock leaves (make sure that they are bigger than your students' hands). Assist students in making hand prints on these card stock leaf shapes using tempera paint in fall tones.
  • Provide students with card stock leaves, washable paint, and sponges, inviting them to color and texture the leaves.

Fall Tree Bulletin Board

  • Background: Fadeless black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "FALL-ing In Love With ________________ (Autumn, Toddler 2, Mrs. Nelson's Class, etc.)" or "________________ (Toddler 2, Mrs. Nelson's Class, etc.) is FALL-ing in Love With ________________ (Autumn, Reading, etc.)"
  • Border: Solid color trimmer in a fall color or a leaf themed border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Tree. Create a three-dimensional effect using crumbled paper bags or brown bulletin board paper or create a two-dimensional tree shape using brown bulletin board paper or taping sheets of brown construction paper together. You'll need a trunk and several branches. 2) The Leaves. Create your own leaves from templates and colored card stock, or use your students' creations. Make sure to pen each student's name on their leaf.

We've found that keeping your bulletin board displays simple, saves time and resources while still packing a punch! Doubly so if you have your students create the artwork needed! We'd love to hear what you think so leave us a comment below!

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