Early Explorers! Finding Our Way in the World! - Columbus Day Bulletin Board Idea

Columbus Day and Social Studies Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: nfb.org

We recently ran across this bulletin board in one of the online newsletter publications of the NFB and thought it would be a fantastic way to celebrate Columbus Day this year! While the world is no longer such a mystery, with each continent and ocean having been discovered and charted, there are many different ways that your students can discover 'new frontiers' - both now and in the future - and leave their own mark on the world! This bulletin board reminds your students that they too are explorers - explorers of science, reading, and so much more - and that their daily 'discoveries' will take them places!

Early Explorers! Finding Our Way in the World!

  • Background: Cover the entire board with yellow bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Early Explorers! Finding Our Way in the World!"
  • Border: Footprint border.
  • Decoration: 1) The World. Find a blue plastic saucer sled and mount it to the middle of the bulletin board. Cut continents from green foam, attaching them to the saucer sled to create a replica of the Earth. 2) The Explorers. Take a picture of each of your students hard at work, printing the photos and arranging them around the board. For a little pizzazz, mount each image to a colorful accent border or piece of colored card stock.