"Dive Into Kindergarten!" Ocean Themed Bulletin Board Idea

A few years back, we featured the amazing ocean themed classroom of my good friend Lisa Dailey-Mooney. At the time she was a third grade teacher in Ohio. Currently, Lisa teaches kindergarten in Pensacola, Florida, designing graphics for teachers (check them out at Lisa's Little Graphics!) in her spare time, and invited us to check out her new classroom!

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Ocean Themed Elementary Classroom Bulletin Board

Super bright and colorful, this adorable design (featuring Lisa's own graphics!) is the perfect way to welcome students back to school and inspire excitement for the year ahead!

Dive Into Kindergarten!

  • Background: Bright blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Dive Into Kindergarten!" - Lisa used a fun font to create the lettering for the bulletin board, but if you don't have access to a personal cutting machine or don't have time to create your own, traditional bulletin board letters work great too!
  • Border: How fun is this border?! Using sheer blue ribbon with slight sparkle, Lisa created her own two-layer border. The first layer is a simple frame around the outside of the board and the second layer of twisted/curled ribbon goes right on top of the first!
  • Decoration: The design features Lisa's hand-drawn creations! You can purchase your own set by clicking here or messaging Lisa for custom designs!