"Digging Up Some Great Work!" Ocean Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Are you planning an ocean theme this year and need some last minute inspiration? Lori Zitzelberger, talented creator of Mud Pie Studio and bulletin board decorator extraoridnaire, came up with tons of great designs and invited us to take a look. Isn't it sweet of her to share her awesome ideas?!

We can't share them all - you can click here to see all 26 designs on her Pinterest board - but this week we'll give you a peek at our favorites!

Ocean Themed B2S Bulletin Board Idea

Nothing says 'ocean' like a beach pail and shovel! With its cutesy play on words and vibrant color scheme, this festive bulletin board design works great as a way to display your students' first projects - or, with a slight tweak to the title, introduce your newest group of kiddos (i.e. "Digging Up Some Awesome Kindergartners")!

Digging Up Some Great Work!

  • Background: Aqua blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Digging Up Some Great Work!"
  • Border: The original design does not include a trimmer, but an ocean themed border or complimentary colored/patterned trimmer can certainly be added if desired.
  • Decoration: Use a template - like this one! - and colored construction paper to create a beach pail and shovel for each student. Pen student names onto the shovels and use the beach pail as a frame to display student photos or classwork! Easy peasy!

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