Cute Penguin Classroom Door Decoration for Winter

Penguin Winter Classroom Door Display
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Looking for a door display that will get you all the way through winter? Then check out this super cute penguin from Debbie Clement's blog Rainbows Within Reach!

How to Complete the Display:

  • Background: Fashion the penguin out of black and white bulletin board paper.
  • Title: Even though the display does not include a title, you could add one above or to the side of the door that says something like "Our Class is Cool!" or "Mrs. Smith's Penguins."
  • Border: Use black bulletin board paper to extend the penguin onto the door frame and add arms.
  • Decoration: 1) Hat & Scarf: use green bulletin board paper for the top of the hat and scarf, yellow construction paper for the hat brim, and assorted construction paper for the dot embellishments. Consider picking a star student to create the handprint "poof" for the top of the hat! 2) Penguin Face: use black and white construction paper to create the eyes and eye brows and orange construction paper for the nose.

If you're looking for a way to get your students involved, try creating miniature penguins! Use black and white constrution paper for the body, yellow construction paper for the feet and then have students write down what they like most about winter on the white body (cut-to-size handwriting paper may help here!). Complete the penguins with pictures of your students for the heads and then line them up around the door!

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