"Come Hang With Us" Monkey-Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Monkey-Themed Bulletin Board Display
Photo Source: Contest Submission

Check out this super cute monkey-themed bulletin board that was submitted for a contest we ran last year! It would be perfect for back-to-school if you're planning a monkey or jungle theme for your classroom this year. And, even better, it will be relatively simple to put together!

"Come Hang With Us" Monkey-Themed Board

  • Background: Green bulletin board paper.
  • Border: Use a 'woodsy' or nature-themed border.
  • Title: "Come Hang With Us In ___ Grade!!!" You could use precut black letters, or print the title onto white cardstock along with the additional "We Have a Great Bunch!" saying.
  • Decoration: 1) Monkey - Create the monkey using dark brown and tan bulletin board paper (you'll also need white and black construction paper along with a black marker to complete the face). If you're talented in the drawing department, you could free-hand the monkey. Or, like me, you could find a clip art image online and use your classroom projector to trace it onto the bulletin board paper. 2) Vines/Branches - Twist and scrunch strips of dark brown and dark green bulletin board paper together to create the life-like vines and string them across your board. Be sure to only attach them at the ends so they will 'pop' off the board. 3) Leaves - Use green bulletin board paper to create the leaves. 4) Bananas - Hang precut banana bunch accents from the vines around the board, assigning each child's name to a banana.