Bee Themed Door Decoration for Spring or Summer

Springtime Door Decoration Idea
Contest Submission

If you're looking to add a little Spring or Summer time cheer to your classroom door, check out this idea that was submitted for a bulletin board contest we held. We love the play on the word 'bee' in the title! Super cute and sure to add a welcoming feel to any classroom.

Bee-Themed Door Decoration

  • Background: Sky blue or cloud bulletin board paper
  • Title: "Mrs. _______'s Class is Unbeelievable"
  • Border: If your door has a window, you could frame it with a Spring-themed border. Or you could choose to omit a border all together for a cleaner look.
  • Decoration: 1) Bees - Create a large and small bee from yellow, black and white construction paper (if you're free hand skills are shaky like mine, you could easily find a template to use online). Then add a few smaller bee accents. 2) Grass and Fence - Cut a length of green bulletin board paper to fit the width of the door (about 9" high) and cut the top half into strips. Curl out to create a lifelike grass effect. Add 5 or so white 'fence posts' that you've cut from white construction paper. 3) Flowers - use four different colors of construction paper to complete the flowers. Cut three strips per flower, lay the strips on top of each other at an angle and staple in the middle. Then, fold the ends of each stip into the middle to create a loop on each side and staple together in the middle to create the petals. Complete with a green stem and white center. 4) Sun - add a sun accent if you have one, or create your own with yellow construction paper and a marker.

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