Bee Themed Community Building Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary Motivational Bulletin Board Idea
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We love this bulletin board created by Ms. Durning of Second Grade is Splendid! The cutesy play on words and the fun community building exercise offer a great way to remind your students that they're a special part of the class.

"We All Bee-long" Bulletin Board

  • Background: Sky blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "We All Bee-long in ____________ [Second Grade, Room 203, Mrs. Nelson's Class, etc.]!"
  • Border: Honeycomb/bee themed trimmer. You might also consider using a fun colorful pattern border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Bee Hive. Create hexagons from yellow construction paper or card stock, one per student, inviting each of your kiddos to decorate a cutout. Arrange these on the bulletin board to create the 'bee hive'. 2) The Bees. Fill the board with bee cutouts, each scripted with a student's name. Find a clip art image to print onto card stock, create a card stock template to trace/cut construction paper shapes, or purchase bee accents from your favorite teacher supply store.

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