Be Sun Smart! - Summer & National Safety Month Bulletin Board Idea

Summer Health and Safety Bulletin Board Idea
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Did you know that June is National Safety Month? Sponsored by the National Safety Council, teachers and parents are encouraged to use the month of June to teach children {and remind adults!} how to stay safe. Encompassing common themes like fire safety, road safety, bike safety, stranger danger, playground safety, and bus safety - as the summer months are approaching and students are likely to be out in the heat more, a case for including a mini-lesson on sun safety can certainly be made as well! Curt Moll, educator and contributor to PE Central, submitted this eye-catching sun safety bulletin board that is sure to compliment to your summer decorating plans and provide your students with important safety reminders as they head out into the sun this summer!

Be Sun Smart!

  • Background: Cover the bulletin board with shiny red wrapping paper.
  • Title: "Be Sun Smart!"
  • Border: None needed.
  • Decoration: Cut a medium-sized circle from yellow or gold background paper and attach the shape to the right side of the bulletin board. Use black construction paper to decorate the face of the 'sun' - creating sunglasses and a mouth {optional}. Using the sun as a guide, cut 'rays of light' from shiny gold wrapping paper to arrange around the circle. Once fully assembled, add a different sun safety tip to each 'ray' using bulletin board letters, letter stickers, printed lettering, etc.