Back-To-School Footprint Fun Bulletin Board Idea!

Back to School Inspirational Preschool Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: | Tamara Armentrout

A great way to promote a positive learning environment is to find ways to incorporate positive messages in your classroom displays and bulletin boards. For Mrs. Armentrout and Mrs. Tinney, this means capturing the excitement of the first week of school and using it to "jump right in" to learning with an attitude of success.

Footprint Bulletin Board

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "We've Jumped Right In With Both Feet!" or "We've Jumped Right In For A Successful School Year!"
  • Border: Armentrout and Tinney used a solid black wavy trimmer, but you might also consider adding a brightly pattered border or colored trimmer.
  • Decoration: Measure out the amount of white bulletin board paper needed to cover the board, cut and tape it together creating a large "mural". Provide your students with shallow dishes of paint in assorted colors and paint brushes, instructing them take turns painting their bare feet and creating a print around the edges of the paper. Have your students use a black permanent marker to write their name under their footprints then set the "mural" aside to dry. When the paint has completely dried, attach the paper to the bulletin board, add the title letters and border, and you'll have a fun and positive classroom decoration!

Most students like getting "messy" for art. We'd love to know how you use your students hand- and footprints around the classroom so leave us a comment!

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