Back-To-School Bee Activity & Welcome Bulletin Board Idea

Here's a fun bee-themed activity and back-to-school welcome board idea from Sandy at Moments of Mommyhood!

Welcome Bulletin Board

  • Background: Light blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Look Who's Buzzing To _______________ (e.g. Kindergarten, Third Grade, etc.)! Welcome To The Hive!" or "________________ (e.g. Mrs. Hartman's, etc.) Busy Bees!"
  • Border: Brightly colored honeycomb garland or summer-themed bulletin board border.
  • Decorations: 1) The Tree. Use brown and green bulletin board paper to create a fun summer tree on one side of your bulletin board. 2) The Hive. Draw and cut out a bee hive from light brown bulletin board paper or recycled card board. This should be "hung" from one of the tree branches. 3) The Extras. Add in touches of summer with fringed green bulletin board paper for grass, bird/butterfly cut outs, flowers, etc. 4) The Bees. Use your students first day creations.

First Day Bee Activity

Every student loves a fun, messy first day of school activity. Before beginning, you'll need to gather white card stock, yellow and black tempera paint, shallow dishes, paint brushes, and black Crayola® markers (and supplies for a clean-up station!). Have your students paint one foot with yellow paint and make a print in the center of their card stock. While they clean up, set the paper aside to dry.

Once the paint has set, invite your students to paint several stripes onto their bee "bodies" with black tempera paint. Once this has dried, add wings, antennae, and a face and you're finished! Have your students write their name on their bee and give them a piece of sticky tack so they can place it on the welcome bulletin board.

Moments of Mommyhood: Footprint Bumble Bees

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